Alexandra Haag sitzt in einer Besprechung mit einem Kunden

Understanding your customers is the best way to win them. – Sam Walton

Ausschnitt von dem Portrait von Alexandra Haag

Unexpectedly different.

It‘s the perfect synergy between satisfied customers, motivated employees and entrepreneurial value creation which spurs me on. With empathy, passion and long years of experience in marketing, communication and sales, I help companies to intensify their customer relationships, strengthen brand awareness and inspire sales teams. I always do my best to achieve this and even take on uncomfortable paths – always aiming to find the ideal solution for you.

Understanding and communication on eye level as the basis for sustainable consulting.


Passionate, motivated and full of vigor for an intensive and profitable collaboration.


Ideas and customer-oriented concepts with attention to detail and an eye for the essentials.


Competent solutions – even off the mainstream. But always with an eye on the goal.


Experience, honesty, transparency and reliability are the key to successful solutions.


Dynamic, sociable and straight for communication on eye level with partners, customers and employees.

This is me, Alexandra Haag.

For more than 30 years, my life has turned around communication, marketing and sales – or simply put: what can we do to inspire people in a creative style and with pinpoint accuracy? I founded the full-service agency EIGEN-ARTS Werbeagentur GmbH already back in 1995 to give partners and clients profitable support in acquiring new customers, customer care and creative concepts. Since then, I have worked with numerous companies on national and international projects, developing innovative strategies and creative solutions.

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Frau Haag auf dem Campus

Anyone can do it the boring way. I pledge to tackle your challenges with passion and dynamism.