Alexandra Haag in Abstimmung mit einem Kunden

Only those who listen to people can understand them.

Alexandra Haag am Laptop

Individual and versatile

Development, organization, strategy. Art direction, media planning, handling. Public relations, press relations, trade fairs. Communication, leadership, structure. Customer contact, acquisition, existing customer management. Where is this proverbial “complete package” when you need it? – It’s here!

When passionate marketing meets sales-orientated communication.

This is exactly where I feel at home. For almost 30 years, I have been driven by the connection between success-oriented marketing measures with an absolute user focus and value-adding communication from an entrepreneurial perspective. This combination of disciplines allows to gather and contribute a wide-ranging portfolio of ideas and experience. This opens up business opportunities and helps secure sustainable competitive advantages!

Interim Management – providing perfect transitions

Strengthening cohesion, building communication and pursueing common goals. Whether marketing or sales team – I will find the common denominator and channel your goals!

Marketing Consulting – creativity as the key to success

I focus on assertive and customer-centered communication strategies to get the most out of your marketing campaigns – always with an eye on the essentials!

Business Development – get off to a flying start in sales

I work with you to identify optimization potential for long-term solutions and develop successful sales strategies for customer acquisition and business development.

Media organisation – predictable, qualitative success

To your benefit I will introduce 30 years of experience in art direction, production and post-production of print articles, press and public relations as well as trade fair planning.

Press relations – well conceived communication

Owing to my long experience in the pro audio sector and in dealing with technical products, I can make even complex topics appear simple and easy to understand – whether through press releases, newsletters or print information.

At times complex subjects require simple and understandable strategies.

In the course of my almost 30-year career, I have dedicated myself primarily to sophisticated products with a technical background in the fields of software, IT, automotive, robotics and pro audio that need to be explained. This has made me realize one thing: The more complex the topic, the more important it is to establish simple, direct and benefit-oriented communication in the dialog with the customer.


The best way of getting to know each other is through talking, because a dialog is the ideal way to find a common ground for your success.

1. Together we will discuss your challenges in a non-binding initial meeting.
2. Based on your individual analysis, optimization potentials are determined.
3. Suitable measures are defined and implemented in order to get you on the winning track.
4. During your optimization I will stand by your side until the desired result is achieved.